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The Rantaraitti Lakeshore Route

Lutakon satamapuisto
40100 Jyväskylä

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The Rantaraitti is a lakeshore route for pedestrian and bicycle traffic that goes around the whole Lake Jyväsjärvi. It is one of the most popular areas in Jyväskylä for physical activities and recreation, connecting you with nature just in the middle of the city.

During the summertime, you can get around the Rantaraitti lakeshore route by foot, by bike or by using roller skates. During frosty winters, depending on the ice conditions, you can ice-skate, ski and even run your dogs on the Lake Jyväsjärvi ice.

About 13 kilometres long, route passes through several districts. The Kuokkala Bridge divides the Rantaraitti lakeshore route into two parts, so you do not need to go around the whole Lake Jyväsjärvi at one time. Along the route, there are, for example, the cosy Jyväskylä Harbour (known also as the Lutakko Harbour) with its wide range of services and two campus areas of the University of Jyväskylä: Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne. Along the route, you can also find four bathing beaches, a bird-watching tower, a swimming place for dogs and an allotment garden, not to mention grazing sheep in summer, so there is something to see for all ages.

The largest outdoor gym in Finland is being built along the Rantaraitti lakeshore route, consisting of a total of 20 different sports facilities.

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