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The church of St. Olaf´s in Tyrvää

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The church of St. Olaf´s, i.e. the old church of Tyrvää in the village of Kalliala has been built in the beginning of the 16th century. Before the grey stone church there has been a wooden church on the site, its history is revealed by the medieval accounts of the Kalliala church. The ornaments of the gables as well as some other features link it to the churches of Satakunta. The church was inaugurated in the end of the catholic period and it was soon changed to a reformative church with its bench blocks and pew orders. In the 17th century there obviously was a fire for the first time. The church was left desolate in 1855, when the new main church was built on the banks of Vammaskoski. The new life began in the middle of the 1950´s. The church was partly repaired and it became very popular as a wedding site as well as a tourist attraction.

The southern slope of the aspen shingle roof built by Antti Piimänen in 1748 as well as the armory were decided to be rebuilt in 1996–1997. Soon after the work was done the church was burnt down by an arsonist on the 21st of September 1997.

Reconstruction was started almost immediately. Designed by architect Ulla Rahola the exterior was rebuilt to its previous shape and the interior was designed to remind the former interior, in which the use of space is same as in the old church that was burned. The aim was to restore the old atmosphere. The work was mostly carried out by volunteers and with donations. The reconstructed church was augurated by the Archibishop of Turku, Ilkka Kantola on the 3rd of August 2003. The paintings of the interior are done by Kuutti Lavonen and Osmo Rauhala.

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