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Tervakoski Church

Kirkkotie 1
12400 Janakkala

Janakkalan seurakunta +358 3 656 950 janakkalan.seurakunta@evl.fi

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The idyllic, small wooden church of Tervakoski was built in 1936 by Tervakosken pikkukirkko (Tervakoski small church) association with the strong support of the paper mill and local voluntary workforce. Tervakoski Oy paper mill also donated the building materials, the logs of Toiva Manor’s old drying barn. The church layout was drawn by the architect Jarl Eklund. Construction was done by the local workforce, only the most difficult paintings were completed by specialist decoration painter Hilbert from Helsinki.

The very first altar and pulpit cloths along with other church linens and textiles were donated by local women. Also the communion supplies, the chandelier and all the other decorations were donated for the church by local individuals and associations. The altarpiece, painted by the artist Georges von Swetlick was donated in 1937 by Gösta Serlachius.

Tervakoski church got donated to Janakkala parish in 1973. Church community house was built as an extension to the church and was inaugurated 14.11.1976.

In 2012 the church and belfry were painted outside and during summer of 2013 all of the windows were renewed. The yard and interiors were renovated as well. The altar was moved away from the wall so that the priest could stand behind it when officiating at a communion service. The original coloring of the interiors was retained during the renovation. Some seats were removed to make the seating more comfortable and functional.

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