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Idänpääntie 12
13210 Hämeenlinna

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Discover Tarotpuoti, your gateway to a world where tarot and mysticism come alive. Our store, a treasure trove in the Nordics, possibly Europe’s finest, offers a vast and unique array of tarot decks. We’ve traversed the globe, gathering an eclectic mix of decks, each telling its own mystical story.

Whether you’re a seasoned reader or a curious beginner, our selection caters to all. Beyond tarot, explore oracle cards, radiant crystals, aromatic incense, mystical products, enlightening literature, and soothing sound bowls. Our flagship store in Hämeenlinna, housed in a historic building over a century old, welcomes you to a magical realm where everyone is accepted.

Relax in our pop-up café with the best cocoa in the universe, amidst a haven of intriguing items. Visit our Tampere store in the charming Lidmanintalo, the “Sun House”, a perfect spot for rejuvenation. We’re also in Turku at Eerikinkatu 37, continuing the enchantment.

Tarotpuoti is more than a store; it’s a community hub for events and learning, a place where like-minded individuals connect, share, and embrace togetherness without judgment. Join us, be part of our world, and experience the magic first-hand.

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