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Taikayöntie Travel Route

31760 Urjala

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With its idyllic countryside scenery and villages, Taikayöntie is one of the most beautiful official travel routes in Finland. Rolling hills, beautiful river valleys and prosperous farms define the typical scenery along the Taikayöntie route. The region offers many cultural sights and diverse nature sites for all tastes: farmstead museums, magnificent historical churches, idyllic dance pavilions, Nuutajärvi – the oldest community of glassblowers in Finland, the legacy of renowned Finnish author Väinö Linna as well as diverse nature sights such as Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park.

Taikayöntie (“the road of the magical night”) is named after a song published in 1967 by Finnish musician Martti Innanen called “Urjalan Taikayö” (the magic night of Urjala). The song describes the romantic agricultural landscape of the Urjala and Huittinen region. The main route follows the regional road 230 from Urjala via Punkalaidun to Huittinen. The road has two forks, one from central Punkalaidun to the national road number two and the other from the village of Puolimatka to Nuutajärvi Glass Village. The main route is 52 kilometres long and counting the forks the total is 86 kilometres. Taikayöntie can be recognised by the brown road signs. Excellent destination for travelling by bicycle, motorcycle or car. Great destination also for canoeing.

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