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Lammiharju DiscGolfPark

Huhmarinmäentie 45
31700 Urjala

Urjalan kunta +358 040 737 6486

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A disc golf course which also suits beginners in Lammiharju. You can play for free, but you must be considerate of other players. It is an 18-hole course, and it runs partly in sawdust tracks and the woods. There are also challenges for more advanced players. The first part of the course runs around a gravel pit and then towards an area with a sawdust trail and some built woods. The specialty of this course is that there are four downhill lanes, the longest of which is 124 metres. The parts of the course which run in the woods include some more challenging lanes. You can borrow frisbeegolf discs from the Urjala library.

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