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PIIPPU Terrace Cafe Vihavuosi

Vihavuodentie 335
14930 Hämeenlinna

PIIPPU Terassikahvila +358 44 491 5544

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A wonderful refreshments cafe restaurant former sawmill power plant in the building.

A great milieu, between two lakes and two rapids in a village that is divided into two provinces; To Pirkanmaa and Kanta-Häme.

The intoxicating foam and roar of the rapids charms with its beauty. Art exhibitions are held there and the area is suitable for the whole family. Traditional yard games for children and adults, a large boat dock and parking areas.

Various programs and events are organized in Piipu throughout the summer. Music, humor, courses, trainings and theater.

The location is approx. one hour; 60 km from Lahti and Tampere, and approx. 50 km from Hämeenlinna and Valkeakoski.

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