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Liesjärvi National Park

Korteniementie 270
31380 Tammela

Metsähallitus Luontopalvelut +35820 6395270 sisasuomi@metsa.fi

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Spend a day at Korteniemi Heritage Farm to find out how people used to live in rural Finland. Help out with farm chores, count sheep, and make hay while the sun shines! You can also head off along the old crofters’ paths to explore the surrounding scenic forests and lakes.

In nature conservation areas, everyman’s rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules of the destination before making your trip.
National parks are nature reserves, whose key task is to safeguard biodiversity and enable people to enjoy and relax in nature on the terms of nature conservation.
All national parks in Finland are managed by Metsähallitus.

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