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Kayak Rent in Liesjärvi National Park

Kansallispuistontie 203, Tammela, Finland
31350 Tammela

Erärenki +358 50 5454722

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Self guided paddling trip to the beautiful landscape of Liesjärvi National Park. There is a lot of unbuilt shore and during your exploration you can visit the Korteniemi Heritage Farm. There are two fireplaces on the shore where you can enjoy a picnic lunch.

One day rent cost 35€/kayak. Canoe vest, spray skirt and paddle included. Paddler must have a basic swimming skills. We recommend that you go paddling with friends, not alone.

Starting point is Kopinlahti in Liesjärvi National Park. Nearest parking space is located at Kansallispuistontie 203, Tammela.

Write an email (english or finnish) to and we agree suitable time to give you a kayak. You can also send a text message or WhatsApp message to a phone number +358505454722

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