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Honkalanranta Nature Reserve

Kahilistontie 12
13210 Hämeenlinna

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Honkalanranta is a private nature reserve located on the shores of Katumajärvi in Hämeenlinna. The area represents a very old crop landscape and shore graze typical of South Häme. A bird tower of the Kanta-Häme Ornithological Society, a barn, long trees, a nature trail and a lean-to has been built in Honkalanta by voluntary work. Lean-to has a campfire place where you can fry sausages. During the summer, sheep graze in Honkalanranta in the process of restoring the landscape. You can read information about the diverse nature of the area on the nature trail boards. From the bird tower you can observe birds nesting in the area, which were calculated to be as many as 47 different species in 2017. Between 70 and 80 species of migratory birds have been observed inone day. The area is maintained and developed with common open voluntary work days.

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