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Aittakahvila Summer barn café

Paavontie 1
43100 Saarijärvi

Ruustinna 0413192332

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Come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea accompanied with freshly baked goods straight from our kitchen. Coffee is offered in the main building during lunch time and in our summer cafe which is located in an old and historic store house. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the old barn indoors, or on our terrace facing the lake.

A coffee break in the main building of Ruustinna or in the Aittakahvila summer barn café in the summer offers a well deserved break, during which the mind also has time to detach. On the terrace of Aittakahvila, the most beautiful porcelain cups clink in the courtyard of the old vicarage. Take a seat in the lake view and enjoy the atmosphere of the summer terrace and the blooming traditional garden.

Sweet and savory pastries are made both for the café’s customers and for takeaway. We at Ruustinna love natural flavors and we boldly try new ones as well.

So stop by and be pleasantly surprised!

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