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Activity Park Veijari

Puistotie 1
43250 Saarijärvi

Puuhapuisto Veijari +358400621663 Visit website

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As the name suggests, Activity Park Veijari is a true activity park where one can move and frolic in fresh outdoor air in the arms of nature.

Activity Park Veijari is a fun destination for the whole family. The various activities and beautiful natural surroundings and animal friends make sure of that.

At the park you get to meet many kinds of domestic animals, rodents and bunnies, various birds and fishes as well as more exotic animals such as snakes, lizards and turtles.

There is enough movement and joy to last for a day or few. After all the high-speed activities it is wonderful to just cool off by dipping into the refreshing pond or by going on a relaxing rowing trip.

When hunger strikes, you can set up a nice picnic in nature or enjoy the treats of the Murkinatori grill café and the Kappelilampi summer café.

The ticket is valid for two consecutive days.
Additional children belonging to the same family may be added to the family ticket at a price of 13 €/person.

You are warmly welcome!

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