Photographer: Harri Tarvainen

10 ways to experience sauna in Lakeland Finland

Lakeland Finland is the ideal region to experience Finland’s authentic sauna culture first hand. In the following, we present you ten extraordinary sauna experiences that represent the different facets of the Finnish sauna. They all have one thing in common: they bring you a new level of relaxation and contentment.

Man in sauna at Jyväskylä Region Lakeland Finland
Photographer: Omar El Mrabt

1. On the Wellbeing Sauna Trail in Lakeland Finland

Revontuli Resort in Hankasalmi in the Jyväskylä Region in the middle of Lakeland Finland invites sauna lovers and those who want to become one to a three-hour Wellbeing Sauna Trail, with smoke sauna, tent sauna and hot tub. A private sauna guide is at your service, water bottles and snacks are also provided. Sauna stretching activates tired joints, and what could be better than a dip in the clean waters of lake Iso-Virmas?

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Photographer: Julia Kivelä

2. The Sataman Viilu design sauna at Jyväskylä harbour

A pearl of the northern Lakeland Finland is the harbour in Lutakko, Jyväskylä. Located not far from the city centre, it is the ideal place to spend beautiful summer days. Open all year round is the elegant Sataman Viilu design sauna with three different saunas and the opportunity to refresh yourself in the lake water and relax in one of the whirlpools. Delicious meals can be found in the integrated restaurant.

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Sauna-goers cooling off at Rajaportti sauna in Pispala district of Tampere.
Photographer: Laura Vanzo

3. Finland’s oldest public sauna Rajaportti

Finland’s oldest public sauna still in use is located in Tampere, more precisely in the Pispala district. Opened in 1906, it is still a prime example of an authentic district sauna. Here, locals sweat side by side with tourists from all over the world and enjoy uniquely soft infusions the Finns just call “löyly”. In the cosy sauna garden you can relax and chat with a cool drink.

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Sauna restaurant Kuuma with its terrace in the foreground, Laukontori harbour of Tampere in the background.
Photographer: Laura Vanzo

4. The urban sauna restaurant Kuuma in the heart of Tampere

In the heart of the world’s sauna capital, Tampere, there is Kuuma sauna restaurant – a unique place that invites you to relax and enjoy. “Kuuma” means “hot” in Finnish. In the wellness complex with its modern design, temperatures rise not only during infusions in the saunas, but the restaurant’s kitchen conjures up culinary delicacies on your plate, which you can enjoy with a magnificent view over the water.

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5. Sauna by the lake and traditional sauna treatments

Lehmonkärki Resort in the Lahti region of Lakeland Finland invites you to enjoy a total of 24 saunas on the shores of Lake Päijänne. Relax in one of the private saunas available in each of the lakeside villas, or be captivated by Sauna World with its panoramic sauna, century-old smoke sauna, igloo sauna and electric sauna. In the winter, ice bathing is possible. Tip: Book a traditional sauna treatment with birch twigs from Maaria Alén, a specialist in folk medicine.

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Person swimming in Finland

6. Modern landscape sauna and infinity pool with lake view

Would you like to sweat in a bright, modern landscape sauna with a beautiful view of Lake Päijänne? Ilola Inn in Sysmä in the Lahti region, in the heart of Lakeland Finland, warmly welcomes you. For guests of the idyllically located boutique hotel, the morning sauna is included in the room rate. Groups who reserve the sauna also enjoy free use of the fantastic infinity pool with lake view. Alternatively, a traditional wood-fired sauna is available.

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Happy people in sauna in Finland

7. Group fun in the Viking Sauna World in Lakeland Finland

The Urpolan Kartano Manor House in Humppila in the Häme region offers groups a sauna experience with a difference. The “ViikinkiSauna” is a Viking-themed sauna complex. The smoke sauna, built according to traditional models, has room for up to 20 people. You can also sweat in the ship sauna, tree house sauna or scenery sauna. The “Obelix” steam bath and a hot tub in the shape of a Viking ship invite you to relax. Reservation required.

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8. Private moments of enjoyment on the sauna raft

Would you like to completely disconnect from the outside world for a day with your loved ones? Let’s go on the sauna raft “Jalo-lautta” in the Häme region in Lakeland Finland, which is designed for up to twelve people! When you book this raft, you also reserve your own private lake, including an island with a hot tub and fireplace. Have fun stand-up paddling and let your own chef pamper you after a sauna – a holistic enjoyment experience in Lakeland Finland.

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Photographer: Harri Tarvainen

9. À la carte sauna tour through North Karelia

In its eastern part, in North Karelia, Lakeland Finland presents itself from its most unspoilt side. Here you can take an exciting à la carte sauna tour from guesthouse to guesthouse with Äksyt Ämmät – a unique combination of five different sauna experiences including traditional smoke sauna and culinary highlights.

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Matti and Juha winter swimming in Rauhaniemi

10. Saunakeidas in Joensuu: sauna and ice swimming

What region, if not Lakeland Finland, could be more suitable for experiencing the famous ice swimming? An excellent place to do this is Saunakeidas in North Karelia’s capital Joensuu. Warm up in one of the two saunas on the banks of the Pielisjoki River – what a picturesque landscape on the island of Ilosaari not far from the city centre.

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