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Walking Tour Tampere

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33100 Tampere

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Tampere is located on a scenic spot on a narrow isthmus between two great lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Tammerkoski rapids flow through the city center, forming the backdrop for old industrial buildings, nowadays serving as idyllic restaurants, museums, and even a cinema.

By walking only 25 minutes from the city you can get to the Pyynikki ridge, the biggest gravel ridge in the world formed by ice age. Pyynikki offers fantastic views over the two lakes as well as the beautiful housing area.

On this tour, you will get to know how it is to live in Tampere, you will learn about the culture and history of the city, and Finland. At the same time, you’ll get in touch with Finnish nature since our walk through the city will take us to a nature reserve where we will spend some time in the forest for you to experience the calm and quietness among beautiful views of our city, and we will have a break at the most iconic cafeteria in Tampere where you’ll taste the traditional doughnuts that are the most well-known in town.

What to expect:

-2-3 hours’ tour in the city
-History, culture, and traditions of Finland
-See the landmarks of Tampere
-Knowledge about each place that we visit
-Good views of Tampere
-Taste some traditional flavours of this city
-Flexibility about timing that we stop in each place

Whats’s included:

-Local guide
-Small-group tour ( max. 6 people)

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