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UNITY Tampere Trikootehdas, Accommodation

Pyynikintie 25-29
33230 Tampere

UNITY Finland + 358 20 778 9820 reservations.tampere@unity-living.com Visit website

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UNITY Tampere Trikootehdas

Before, socks and knitwear were made here. Now there is a place to stay in an unforgettable environment – and much more. UNITY Tampere Trikootehdas is located at Pyynikki old tricot factory. We have renovated the factory into a place where you can stay comfortably for a weekend or live conveniently for even months. At the same time, we made it a new kind of busy center of working life and a beacon for all travelers.

Our fully furnished studio apartments are suitable for both short and longer stays. The accommodation price includes use of the gym and sauna.

Come for a day, a month or a year to enjoy nature and city life. UNITY Tampere Trikootehdas is a home for one, a hotel for another and an inspiring place to work for the third.

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