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Take a Break and Relax for a While in a Quiet Natural Setting

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Take a break from it all and pause to relax in the middle of quiet nature in the beautiful setting of Alkkianvuori. Experience the relaxing and empowering effect of nature! A quiet walk along a nature path will reduce stress, increase positivity, feed your creativity and make your senses more aware. All of this will happen partly without you even realising it.

We will walk along the path quietly, pausing occasionally to view details and enjoy the landscape and to listen to the silence, taking our time. You will feel a strong sense of presence, taking in the Alkkiavuori nature with all your senses. During the walk, we will do a few exercises and discuss what we have experienced. Halfway through, we will stop for a picnic lunch, while the guide will talk about the health and wellness effects of nature and, weather permitting, we will take a rest in hammocks. At the end of the trip, we will enjoy coffee/tea cooked over a fire with light snacks at the Alkkialammi hut.

The trip takes about 5 hours, and the group size is 6–8. The price is 60 € per person, and includes a backpack lunch (soup in a thermos flask, roll and water bottle) and coffee/tea (guksi cup in the backpack), a drink and hammock and guidance.

Starting from the Alkkialammi hut.

Check the weather forecast to be suitably dressed.

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