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Silence Trail – Unhurried pace of being in the moment

Piililäntie 71
41630 Jyväskylä

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Let the silence guide you through your holidays at Lake Päijänne in central Finland. Experience wonders of the lush forests, culinary indulgencies and purifying steams of a traditional sauna. Enjoy authentic Finnish nature with perfect silence, and reach your inner peace too. Explore the surrounding Nature by nighttime excursion.

The land where Nukula is standing, has interesting history, starting from end of 1700 century. This land has known before the farm of Piililä. There are a lot of land with forest, rocks, nature paths and all this is ending to the second biggest lake of Finland, called Päijänne. The surroundings forests have hidden life of nature elements, and of wild animals like moose, wild rabbits, bears, lynxes, foxes and many kinds of birds like swans and ravens. The perfect silence is disturbed only by birds, wind, and waves of Päijänne.

You will have a few guided excursions of silence. The excursion’s destination can be Haukkavuori Hill, Late Queen Elizabeth’s Forest Excursion, or Wellness Path, to name but a few. You can choose the destinations freely. You move in Nature without fussing on foot or in wintertime with a kick sled. So, you do not disturb the peace of Nature. Focus on finding the way to your inner peace.
We respect the wisdom of wild Nature and treat it responsibly. Wandering peacefully, quietly, and without interruption, opens your heart and mind to new thoughts, energy, and dreaming.

p.s. Our exact postal code address is 41630 ORAVASAARI.

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