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Midsummer is an ancient festival, when the Sun reaches the highest point in the Northern Sky. It is said that at Midsummer time the Sun rests in its nest just like on a branch of the World Tree. Now we are lucky to be able to celebrate Midsummer together at the time of the Summer Solstice. The time is associated with many magical beliefs and practices related to harvest, fertility, and purification.

Our MIDSUMMER SUN CELEBRATION will be surrounded by forest, water and fire. The venue is called Kotakylä, which means a village of traditional tipi-like dwellings similar to the ones still used in Lapland. Kota is related to the Finnish word koti, a home. Kylä means a village. Kotakylä lies in Juuka, in Eastern Finland, near the famous holy hills of Koli National Park.

Kotakylä is located in wild woods on a cape surrounded by a lake, silence and deep peace. In the winter it is almost dark there, but in the summer it is light day and night. At the tip of the rocky cape an enchantingly beautiful view of Vaikkojärvi opens before our eyes. So you are very welcome to join us and the magic of the Eastern Finnish and North Karelian forest – the village and world of kotas, campfires, saunas and fascinating art that leads us to archaic times and animistic worldviews.

You can participate in the celebration on one day or for the whole weekend! The programme is guided by local guides of folk traditions: Eero Peltonen, Jenni Örn and Helena Karhu.

The sun shines in the sky as we enter the magic of the Nightless Night. The Summer Solstice and Midsummer in Finland are dreamlike times. Therefore, at the MIDSUMMER SUN CELEBRATION, we are especially sensitive to experience the invisible forces and phenomena in Nature.

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