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Koirasalmi Hut Café in Salamajärvi National Park

Koirasalmentie 1220
43800 Kivijärvi

Koirasalmi +358409398147

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During the summer, the Koirasalmi nature hut operates a cafe and a kiosk. The cafe offers ice cream, sweets, soft drinks, as well as salty and sweet pastries, taking into account special diets. Hot food is also available in the cafe during the summer season.

The cafe also functions as an exhibition space, where various changing art and other exhibitions are on display.

In the kiosk, you can find a variety of small souvenirs and snacks. Salamajärvi National Park logo products, gift items, fishing accessories and maps of Salamajärvi National Park.

Koirasalmi nature hut also offers accommodation, sauna rental and equipment rental.

Salamajärvi National Park is located in Lakeland Finland.

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Room accommodation at Koirasalmi Nature Hut in Salamajärvi National Park

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