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Kiimajoki Canoeing Route

Siltasavontie 950
34260 Tampere

Ekokumppanit Oy +358 41 730 8168

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The Kiimajoki canoeing route is a secret pearl of Teisko, Tampere and it is located in the surroundings of Lake Velaattajärvi and Terälahti. The route was implemented at the beginning of the millennium and it is approximately 16 kilometers long. The route recalls the history of the wood industry back in the 18th century and the time when Tampere was built between Tammerkoski and caused a great need for timber.

In the area you can find about 16 km of guided canoeing trails, as well as three fireplaces, one of which has a unique organically designed lean-to shelter complex with wooden sheds and dry toilets.

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