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Easy Paddling Trip in Leivonmäki National Park Summer 2024

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Paddling trip in Leivonmäki National Park (every Wednesday)
Come paddle in a kayak in Leivonmäki NP! This is a very memorable moment in the versatile national park locale. Starting point is near Selänpohja Parking space. Typical easy paddling trip takes around 2-3 hours routing in the waters of Rutajärvi (lake Ruta) which is part of the Sorsanselkä open waters.

Breaks will be held on the shores along the lake. On breaks we eat snacks, take short hikes to enjoy the sceneries and we can also switch our boats so you get to try different kinds of water vehicles we have. We have solo and tandem equipment available in the form of kanoe and kayak. Even an ordinary rowing boat if you wish!

Spots open for maximum of 9 people. % different kinds of solo boats, 1 tandem and 1 so called indian kanoe available for tryouts.

Participants dont need prior experience of paddling. We will instruct basic handling of the vehicle and how to paddle, how to depart from beach and how to get on shore from the vehicle.

The area has several easy shoring spots that provide refreshing swimming possibilities on nice sandy beaches. We can also have a little excursion on the various islets on the lake. There are a plethora of stories involved in these locations as finns used to use waters ways for traversal rather than roads. This is a place of history and legends!

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