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Dinner at the Hut

Tampereentie 450
30100 Forssa

Museotila Hevossilta +358 44 295 7525 hevossilta@hevossilta.fi Visit website

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In the middle of the mysterious forest there is a hut (lean-to) welcoming You with an open fire. In the hut, You can curl up on soft pillows and relax watching the campfire´s dance. At the same time, the chef starts cooking over an open fire for Your dinner, which is made from local ingredients. In addition to food, you will enjoy the beauty, silence and relaxed atmosphere of a Finnish forest. The shed is located in Hevossilta area, only about five kilometers from Forssa.
Dinner is available year around and is suitable for e.g. for groups of friends, as a reacreational among staff etc.

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