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Cottage Lammenranta

Morvantie 189
42140 Jämsä

Maalaishotelli Morva Oy +358408282581 info@morva.fi Visit website

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Lammenranta, as its name suggests, is located on the shore of a pond. Take a swim or have a relaxing fishing session. The two-floor log cottage has comfortable facilities: downstairs kitchen, living room, sauna and toilet, upstairs sleeping areas for six (6). Extra beds for four (4) (upstairs and downstairs). We can accommodate up to 10 people.
Bed linen and towels are included in the rate.

On the spacious terrace there is a hot tub, that you will have access to for an extra charge during your stay. Relax and look out the stars from a warm bath. Big yard in front of the cottage is great for badminton or Mölkky races. In summertime you can rent sup-boards and paddle through the tunnel and a beautiful river to the lake Myllyjärvi. At winter you have an easy access to the ski trails, only 200 meters away from the cottage. These trails can lead you all the way to Jämsä, Himos and Jämsänkoski or you can also enjoy our shorter 1,5 km-5 km routes.

It takes only 15 minutes drive to Himos, 20 minutes to Jämsä and 35 minutes to Jyväskylä.

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