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Art Center Ahjo

Kirkkokatu 23
80100 Joensuu

Taidekeskus Ahjo +358 50 552 6701 tkahjo@gmail.com

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Art Center Ahjo is a fast-reacting art center open to all art forms. The art center is located right in the heart of Joensuu in an Art Nouveau-style yellow wooden house at Kirkkokatu 23, 80100 Joensuu and is maintained by the Joensuu Artists’ Association.

Ahjo has a total of five exhibition spaces with exhibitions changing every three weeks all through the year. The art center hosts a variety of exhibition activities and events striving to present both national and international art. In addition, the Joensuu Art Lending Service operates on the premises.

Outside exhibition hours the facilities can be rented for various occasions and events such as concerts, lectures, theater acts and dance performances.

Art Center Ahjo is an accessible exhibition space. Admission to the exhibitions is free!

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