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Alkkianvuorentie 138
39700 Parkano

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Alkkianvuori is a calotte hill. Its summit has not been covered by the post-glacial meltwaters. Ancient beaches found on its slopes tell of a time when the hill was an island.

Alkkianvuori is a granitic hill in Parkano. Its summit at 201 meters above sea level has been dry land since the end of the last ice age. The highest beach after the Ice Age is located at an altitude of about 190 meters – more than 10 m lower than Lauhanvuori, located about 35 km to the west. The difference is due to the lower pace of the land uplift as you go east.

The top of Alkkianvuori consists of rocky terrain covered by thin moraine. At its highest point there are remains of an old triangulation tower. The level of the highest shore is distinguished in the terrain mainly by differences in vegetation. The vegetation is more lush on the till covered areas above the highest shoreline, while below the vegetation is barren due to intense washing of soil. The lower slopes of the mountain consist mainly of sand and gravel. On the northern slope of the mountain, there are rock cliffs, ancient beach pebbles and some impressive boulders.

There are two nature trails on Alkkianvuori: 4 km long Lakilenkki geotrail and 2 km long Ellinpolku trail. The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

Alkkianvuori is one of the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark destinations in Parkano.

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