Koli in winter time Visit Lakeland Finland
Photographer: Harri Tarvainen

Four seasons of Lakeland Finland

When you think of Lakeland Finland, what first comes to your mind might be long, bright summer nights, the tranquillity of a holiday cottage by the lake and bustling marketplaces in the towns. But the region has a lot to offer all year round and always presents itself in a new, enchanting guise as the seasons change. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – every season has its own charm and invites to all kinds of enjoyable and unforgettable activities.

Photographer: Miika Kangasniemi

Lakeland Finland as a year-round holiday destination

The special thing about Lakeland Finland is that the seasons here are not quite as extreme as in the very north of Finland, for example, but on the other hand can be experienced more intensively than in the very south. If you travel to Lakeland Finland in winter, you will experience it as a completely different world than in summer. There is a wide range of accommodation available all year round, in a variety of price categories, to ensure that you will have a great time and can start your Lakeland Finland adventure in a relaxed way.

In spring, nature awakens to new life

The Finnish spring is rather short compared to Central Europe, but all the more passionately it is expected and welcomed. After the long winter, everyone is happy that the snow is melting, the days are getting longer and the sun is appearing more often. How about a hike through one of the national parks along the well-marked paths, a walk on logs through the forest or an extended excursion through the towns of Lakeland Finland? While having a coffee on one of the market squares, you will notice how much the Finns celebrate the arrival of spring. Here are our recommendations for spring activities!

The white summer nights of Lakeland Finland

Lakeland Finland has always attracted visitors during the summer months. Here you can spend a relaxing holiday in the classic Finnish way, where the stress and hectic of everyday life are forgotten in an instant. Rent a “mökki” on a secluded lake, enjoy your own private bay and simply relax on the pier while reading a good book. What should never be missing from a Finnish holiday home is the sauna. Depending on how you like it, there are cottages with a traditional wood-fired sauna or with an easy-to-use electric sauna. The options range from very simple cabins to luxurious waterfront villas. Explore summer activities from endless possibilities!

Photographer: Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

Besides sauna and swimming, summer activities include rowing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and stand-up paddling. Delicious berries and mushrooms grow in the forests, which can be picked and collected thanks to the Finnish Everyman’s Right. Of course, you can also explore the area by bike or on foot. In the cities, there are summer festivals, markets and open-air events if you want a change from the tranquillity of nature.

Autumn colours in Finland’s Indian Summer

You can experience the “Indian Summer” not only in North America, but at least as colourful in Lakeland Finland. “Ruska” is the Finnish word for the season when the leaves of the trees turn yellow and red, transforming the forests into magical places to be explored by hiking or cycling. The lakes are even quieter than in summer – the perfect time for a break with your loved ones or just yourself. And what many people don’t know: Autumn is the time of year when it is dark enough at night to spot the magical northern lights even in Lakeland Finland, if you are lucky. Look activities to do in autumn!

Check Autumn Foliage Live
Aulanko scenery in winter
Photographer: Miika Kangasniemi

Between skiing and ice bathing: Winter in Lakeland Finland

f you finally want to experience a “real” winter, with snow and ice, then you should come to Lakeland during the cold season. While the temperatures are usually less extreme than in Lapland, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to enjoy snow-covered landscapes. One of the classic winter activities in Finland is cross-country skiing – a discipline that can be practised on numerous cross-country skiing trails in Lakeland Finland. Check out winter experiences options in Lakeland Finland!

Fatbiking in winter in sunny weather
Photographer: Tero Takalo-Eskola

You can go skiing or hiking on the frozen lakes. And if you dare, taking a dip in the ice hole after the sauna, called “avanto” in Finnish, would be a great challenge. It might take some effort, but the feeling afterwards is simply incredible, as if you could embrace the whole world. The hot coffee by the fireplace tastes even better afterwards.