Photographer: Harri Tarvainen

Cottages and unique accommodation in Lakeland Finland 

Lakeland Finland invites you to design your holiday according to your wishes. Choosing the right accommodation is an important part of this. Should it be a classic Finnish holiday home by the lake, a so-called mökki? What level of comfort do you prefer? Or do you want to spend one or more nights in a more unusual accommodation? In this article you will find useful tips and concrete suggestions for your holiday in Lakeland Finland.

The summer cottage of your dreams

If you are interested in a summer cottage, you should first think about what features you value most and what your budget is. In the old days, many Finnish cottages had neither electricity nor running water. Such original cottages are rare nowadays. If you are looking for this experience, there are still possibilities. Most mökkis today have electricity, a comfortable shower/bath and kitchen, so you can easily take care of yourself. Most people prefer their mökki to be located directly on the water, and this is almost always the case. Most of the cottages have their own pier. Most also have a rowing boat, which you can use free of charge.

Wood-fired sauna heater or electric heater?

If you would like to take a sauna during your holiday in Lakeland Finland, the type of sauna heater is another important consideration. For many Finns, there is no other option than a traditional wood-burning sauna heater. When it comes to atmosphere and the overall experience, this is hard to beat. However, you should be aware that this means you have to do things like chopping wood and heating up the stove. It can be great fun to see sauna as an overall ritual that is celebrated step by step. If you want to be more comfortable and start your sauna at the push of a button, make sure that your holiday home has an electric sauna. More and more mökkis also have a hot tub where you can relax in warm water after taking a sauna or in between. Check out great sauna options!

Photographer: Julia Kivelä

How can I rent a mökki in Lakeland Finland?

You can find the summer cottage of your dreams, for example, on the websites of various commercial operators, where mökkis of all sizes and price ranges are listed. Various filters can help you find what you are looking for quickly. However, you can also rent your holiday home directly from the owner of the cottage. There is a large and varied range to choose from. However, the more specific your wishes, the sooner you should book. Especially during the Finnish summer holidays, it can happen that the most sought-after accommodations are booked out early. Here are Cottages and Villas options in Lakeland Finland!

Search for Accommodation
Photographer: Harri Tarvainen

Glamping in Lakeland Finland

Of course, you can also travel around Lakeland Finland in a camper van or caravan, or pitch your tent at one of the campsites. If classic camping is not your thing, there is a more comfortable option: glamping. Here you stay in a tent and are very close to the sounds of nature, but you do not have to do without a comfortable bed and all kinds of other amenities. An excellent idea for a romantic getaway for two or a special experience with the whole family! We recommend these camping areas for you!

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Spending the night in a tree tent close to nature

At more and more places in Lakeland Finland, you can choose a completely new kind of overnight experience: A night in a tree tent. These are stretched between the trees at airy heights like a kind of large hammock and are probably the most close to nature way to sleep. Unlike a hammock, however, you don’t lie completely under the open sky, but protected from wind and weather as well as insects under a cover. Overnight stays are offered in tree tents of various sizes. They range from small tree tents for solo adventurers to models that can accommodate up to six people.

Photographer: Anja Hanhijärvi

Enjoying a night in the glass igloo

What many people do not know is that even in late summer, when the nights are getting longer and darker again, there is the possibility, with a little luck, of observing the Northern Lights even in Lakeland Finland. What could be better for this than an overnight stay in one of the popular glass igloos? Even if the magical celestial spectacle of the dancing Northern Lights doesn’t happen, such a stay is something very special. See the stars from your bed and fall blissfully asleep with this view – an unforgettable holiday experience.

Photographer: Julia Kivelä