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Rent a Local — Hosted Tour at Serlachius and in Mänttä

Joenniementie 47
35800 Mänttä

Serlachius +358 3 488 6801 sales@serlachius.fi Visit website

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Would you like to get a little deeper in the local culture, leave the mainstream spots and head towards an alternative place like Mänttä? Are you wishing to get to know some local people and their way of life in a small Finnish town and hear some interesting stories of the past and see the hidden gems of the locality? If your answer is yes, there is no better way than renting a local “Matti” or “Maija” for your Mänttä & Serlachius day!

Serlachius is an awarded destination in the quirky Art Town, which astonishes with its national art treasures, contemporary exhibitions, stunning architecture, beautiful lakeside nature and the pure tastes of Restaurant Gösta. The intriguing story of Serlachius and the small town of Mänttä began in 1868, when a determined man and art lover, G. A. Serlachius moved to this unknown village and established a ground wood mill in the middle of nowhere. Eventually Mänttä became the most prosperous municipalities in Finland! The local host will show you around in this exciting Art Town and at inspiring Serlachius in a relaxed and jolly way!

You may decide the route for the five hours hosting (inside Mänttä) or you can leave the planning for us. At least you will have wonderful local culture and nature experiences and perhaps a glimpse of Mänttä-spirit to take with you back home!

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