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Museum Centre Carelicum

Koskikatu 5
80100 Joensuu

Joensuun kaupunki +358505202762 pohjoiskarjalanmuseo@joensuu.fi

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Located in the Carelicum-building of the city centre are the North Karelian Museum Hilma, the tourist office of Joensuu, a souvenir shop and the children’s museum Mukulakatu.

The North Karelian Museum Hilma’s permanent exhibition displays the prehistory and the history of North Karelia and the Russian side Karelia. There are also several temporary exhibitions each year concentrating on various themes, such as local culture and history.

From the tourist office you can find information from different locations and routes both in Joensuu and the nearby areas. You can also buy tickets to events and get information about the public transport.

Mukulakatu is a children’s fairytale town in connection with the North Karelian Museum. With its houses and inhabitants, it resembles the ancient Joensuu. Both children and adults enjoy the inspiring playground. Sail through the river Pielinen to the port and help Suola-Kusti load the goods from faraway countries to the warehouse. Help Kononoff the merchant with his shop. You can also hop on the seat of the train driver and deliver post to the inhabitants of Mukulakatu. In the dining car you can eat your own packed lunch, and in the hall of Tsar there is plenty of room for games, crafts and different kinds of performances.

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