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Kangasalan Kesäteatteri

36270 Kangasala

Kangasalan kaupunki vapaa-aikatilat +358 40 671 6737

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Kangasalan kesäteatteri is a summer theater that has a beautiful location on the shore of Lake Längelmavesi.

The theater has 400 numbered seats with backrests, and four of them are suitable for wheelchairs.

The stand is covered, so the summer rain does not wet the audience, and in the heat the lake breeze cools the stand comfortably. You can end your theater trip with an evening swim at the nearby beach.

The summer theater is located next to Mobilia, the car and road museum, and the museum’s services with exhibitions, restaurants and terraces are also available to summer theater guests.

Many kinds of events can be organized in the summer theater area. The area can be rented as a venue for companies, communities, hobby clubs, private events etc.

The area includes a covered grandstand with 400 seats, a covered canopy for catering, back room facilities, a ticket booth, a control room at the back of the grandstand, a public toilet (M/W/disabled toilet) and a parking area.

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