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Eerikkilä Tentsile Ecocamp

Urheiluopistontie 138
31370 Tammela

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Tentsile is a unique way to experience nature.
There is a short walk to the forest, where tents are waiting for you. After check-in it´s time to enjoy the evening in forest. You can swim in the nearby lake, enjoy the landscape, pick blueberries, or spend the evening by lean-on shelter like Finns do. When the night falls, it´s time to go let the humming of the trees and the sounds of nature lull you to sleep. You will wake up to a new day revitalized.

The tents are set up at a height of about 1.5m and located in the proximity of the Eerikkilä Resort area, close to Villas and holiday apartments. All tents have a beautiful lake view and are located right on the lakeside.

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